Personal Statement

I am a driven, passionate person, who has always strived to achieve the best throughout my learning career, I am willing to take on risks and challenge myself in order to move forward ahead of everybody else and to develop a wide range of transferable skills that can lead me to where I want to […]

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University Research

Surrey University Course Name – Digital Media Arts BA (Hons) Distance – 20 Miles Entry Requirements – DDD Duration – 3 Years Fees – “To be confirmed” Offer Conditions – “Professional Training placements are usually applied for and secured via an open and free-to-all process, within which students can select and apply for numerous opportunities. […]

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Stop Motion Evaluation

Overall I am very pleased with the result from the finished stop-motion animation, however, I do feel that there could’ve been some improvements. Although I do think the animation is satisfactory, I think more time could’ve been spent to make the movements a little more natural and a little more exciting. I also think the […]

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Ident Research

an Ident is a short sequence shown on television between programmes to identify the channel that is being watched. This Video shows how the BBC’s Ident had changed and developed over the years, and it’s clear that its purpose is to let the watchers know what they are watching and to give their channel an […]

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