3D Animation Pipeline

Story Script – Writing the dialogue and actions for the film. Storyboard – Visual script consisting of 1000s of drawings, used to plan the film and to visualise what shot types they might want to use as well as how the scene could be composited. Job roles – Director, Storyboard artists, Producer, Writers   Editorial […]

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Interactive Media Research

Interactive Media is an electronic device of any kind, that uses computer electronics to allow a user to control different types of media such as video, text, sound, animation, images and computer graphics to form an interactive experience that provides a purpose such as finding the location of your nearest fast food place, or seeing […]

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TV Show Analysis – The Bodyguard

The show is edited in a fairly typical fashion for a modern day drama, with simple cut transitions being used to swap between most the different shot types, each shot ranges in length as tension is building, a shot will last longer as the soundtrack and sound effects create an anxious atmosphere. When a situation […]

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