Interactive Map – Leaflet Research

These images are all examples of leaflets that are designed to show information about an event or location, I’ve looked at the way the information is laid out, the graphical design that goes into the leaflets, and the other smaller elements such as how I want the leaflet to fold and how that may affect the final layout.

Leaflet Cover Design – Nottingham Trent University


The Design used here is simple and easy to read and is also relevant to the theme as it shows a heavy focus on art and design, which is what the leaflet is about, it’s also eye-catching and anyone who is looking for a leaflet will certainly know when they’ve found it.

Leaflet Graphic Design – Headline Bicycle design concept


The thing that struck me about this concept design was the way that the design continues across the whole leaflet with relevant design elements such as the bikes and good colour theme that looks aesthetically appealing and is balanced well with the info being displayed so that everything is still easy to read.

Disney Theme Park Programmes

Related image

Although the info may not be in English, it’s easy to see how all the events have been displayed clearly with all the relevant info being easy to access, and the graphics are combined well in the design and are also linked to the winter theme.

Disney Theme Park Map

Image result for map leaflet

This is a good look at how I may want the map on the leaflet to look as that will need to show the map with as much info displayed as possible. Here, colours are used to separate different areas of the park in order to make it easier for the reader to know where something is, I could do something similar with certain food types being highlighted their own colours so that they are easier to identify.

Thorpe Park Map

Related image

Here is a similar type of map to the Disney park map, it’s laid out in a similar way with the map being the main focus and other info on the outside, but it dedicates more space for certain brands and locations that are new, and I could do something like that in my map, however, space will be an issue. The info is all clearly marked with colours being used and boxes separating everything clearly.

Different Fold Types

This was just an interesting graphic that showed a range of layouts, It will be useful when deciding on where I might want things to be based on the way the leaflet will fold, the Bi-fold won;t be an option as I will have three different parts but the layout will need to change a lot based on which one I go with, for example, the title will need to be positioned differently, as will the map and I will need to think about what info can be included on the back and front of the leaflet.

Bournemouth University Open Day – Map and Info Leaflet


The Info leaflet for Bournemouth University is well structured and designed, it has a well laid out timetable that shows clearly when the talks are happening, it also has a map that is clear and easy to use (I used it on the day with no issues), The Info is easy to find and most importantly, it looks good, a simple design always works well and this leaflet shows that with basic patterns being used along with block colours that have a consistent theme across the leaflet.

The graphic design for my leaflet will need to not only follow all the basic rules that form a good design but will also need to have a similar aesthetic to the interactive map so that the design is consistent across both products. All the maps shown have a good appearance and use colours to highlight specific info or areas of a map, such as the theme park maps. The Maps also need to display a range of relevant info alongside the graphic design, making sure that everything is clear to the reader. Unlike the interactive maps, all the info will need to be displayed at once so some things will need to be reduced or removed in order to make it work. The aesthetic of the leaflet will also need to show a link to the theme of the map which is food, so including visual reminders within the graphic design will be important to the design.


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