Hitman Trailer Script

Script – Draft 1 Agent 47 is guided through a level by a gamer who feeds the commands he needs to find and take out the target. He encounters a security guard who he has to take out and when the target notices him, he chases him through the level until he is finally able […]

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Pixar Research

Lou – This is a Pixar short based on the character of Lou, an animated being made from the lost property of children in a nursery. He encounters a boy who appears to be stealing property from the other kids for his pleasure and as its Lou’s job to return the toys to the kids, […]

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Hitman Trailer Development

Focuses on the player controlling the in-game character, playing the role of being the voice in his ear in order to successfully carry out the assassination The Trailer can begin with the player giving commands to the agent through a headset mic, and then we see the mission (live action) start with the agent making […]

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