Single Camera Techniques – Ideas for Game Trailer

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Hitman – Hitman is a stealth game that is based around assassinating specific targets, the game utilises a variety of different weapon types and levels so that the player is given a wide range of methods to complete their goal. For my trailer, this game is perfect as I can keep it relatively simple and I can fully utilise the surroundings I have access to (the college building and surrounding area). The costume and other props can also stay pretty simple as Agent 47 (the main character) only wear a basic suit, the only cosmetic feature that we would have to modify would be ensuring whoever is playing the role has a bald cap with the iconic barcode written on it. The narrative could follow the gameplay that hitman has, with the trailer beginning with agent 47 and introducing him, and then he could slowly make his way through the building, taking out witnesses and searching for the target, during the trailer a wide range of kill types could be used to show the game off and this would be a great opportunity to use different camera angles. SFX would be fairly light, and the only VFX needed would be the flash for the gunshots along with some colour correction to create a darker atmosphere. Sound effects will also be implemented for the gunshots as well as any other sounds for the kills, such as punching effects if they’re needed. A soundtrack that fits well will be essential, something that captures the action but also works well for the stealth element. Gameplay could be integrated well as the trailer will follow a similar narrative, so the gameplay could be a continuation of the trailer at the end, or it could be cut in at specific moments to maybe show something that would be too hard to perform as an act (killing someone in a more unorthodox way).


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LA Noire – This game is set in 1947 LA where the player is an LAPD officer and their task is to solve crimes by finding clues, following leads and interrogating suspects. Creating the atmosphere for this trailer would be a little harder as 1947 LA is very different from 2018 Kingston, FInding costumes to fit might also take a bit more searching but nothing here is impossible and there’s certainly ways to get around them, one advantage is that for our previous project, I spent a lot of time researching LA Noire and so having the opportunity to use the skills I learnt here would be very useful. The narrative could very easily follow the game just like hitman, with the main character looking for clues and the case slowly revealing itself throughout the trailer, specific props such as notebooks or other Clue-like items could be placed in the trailer as well as items that may help set the scene a little better for the time period. SFX would be fairly basic as there won’t be too much action needed however in VFX, gunshots may be necessary and a colour shift will definitely be needed to help set the atmosphere, music from the time period will definitely be integrated as that will help to immerse the audience into the trailer. Gameplay could certainly be sued to fill in more complex scenes, such as driving to somewhere or a scene with more intense action. It could also help to set the atmosphere better throughout the trailer as we will be limited by what we can do on set.


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