FMP Result and Evaluation

This is the primary render with the Robot relaxing on the Sofa, it is the shot I had in mind for a majority of this project so finally executing it was very rewarding, I think the Robot works well in the scene and the aesthetic matches the environment well which was something I was initially […]

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FMP Development and Production

Development Drawings When starting the design process, I started off with the robot character I needed to create, I looked at inspiration online and other references and began to draw out some concepts, I was planning on doing a series of full drawings, taking the one I liked the most and then working with that. […]

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Storytelling Research

For thousands of years since the beginnings of humanity, story’s have been told in many different ways. As humans have evolved and the things they create have become more advanced, the ways in which these stories are told have changed many times over the years. One of the earliest forms of known storytelling dates back […]

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Cutscene Script

Intro to World The World of Xuchiea is an earth like planet where a range of earth-like beings and fantasy creatures live together. The 2 most evolved species, the Humans and Orcs live in an eternal war, over power and glory while many want to live as equals. The world is diverse and contains many […]

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Game Narrative Treatment and Review

Title – Fate of Xuchiea Genre – Open World Survival RPG Target Market – Teenagers and Young Adults 16+ Rating Game World World Overview¬†–¬†The Game takes place in a newly born world called Xuchiea where the climate and overall land formation is similar to that of earth, The main dominating species are the Orcs and […]

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Game Character Research

Cypher – These characters are often known as “blank states” they have no real personality and are normally put in place so the player can feel how they want as they play through the game world. FPS games often use these characters types as they wan the user to feel as immersed as possible into […]

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