Character Profiles

Hero Name – Richard May Title Age – 20 Gender – Male Species – Human Complexion – Tanned White Height – 180cm Weight – 75kg Build – Average Eyes – Brown Personality – confident, relaxed, passionate, smart Motto – Be smart, not strong Bio – He’s very good at solving problems and is a tactical […]

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Game Character Research

Cypher – These characters are often known as “blank states” they have no real personality and are normally put in place so the player can feel how they want as they play through the game world. FPS games often use these characters types as they wan the user to feel as immersed as possible into […]

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Different Game Worlds

Battlefield 1 – The game incorporates the setting of world war one which gives the player a much more realistic perspective on war and provides a variety of styling choices and designs inspired y the early 1900s era. The gameplay is slow and fast with times where you will have to battle a whole squad […]

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FMP Primary Research

Vehicles/Space – At the Museums, I came across A lot of different vehicles, seeing the evolution of the car, and how they developed from steam trains. We also came across many different planes, older WW2 planes such as the Spitfire, along with some commercial planes. I also came across some more modern designs and a […]

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Storytelling Across Media

Different Story structure Theories A Basic Story structure consists of A Beginning, A Middle, and an End. But There are different ways to interpret this concept, and over the years many different interpretations and theories have been produced about how to break apart a narrative. One of the most popular Theories is Todorov’s narrative theory. […]

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